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Nearly every new client I see struggles with their hair in some way. My role as a Master Stylist is to listen to concerns, identify problems and find solutions. An excellent stylist should always be patient, intuitive and make recommendations to help clients achieve their goals. Healthy, beautiful, manageable hair is youthful, boosts confidence and leaves a lasting impression.

Noelle Tognella | Master Stylist & Owner


Precision Women's Cuts

With Noelle (Master Stylist) $75-85.

Includes a conditioning treatment and a Signature Andiamo! Blowout. If natural texture is very wavy or very curly hair and you would like it flat ironed or curled, please let us know when booking as we will need additional styling time.

Precision Men's Cut

With Noelle (Master Stylist) $55-65.

A precision cut for men tailored to their needs and hair texture. Includes a shampoo and style. Long or thick hair that needs to be hand cut with scissors is $65.

Shampoo & Blow Out

With Noelle (Master Stylist) $45-65.

Includes a conditioning treatment and Signature Andiamo! Blowout out for volume or smoothness that is tailored to our client's needs. 

Shampoo, Blow Out, Curling or Flat Iron Styling- from $85.

Service includes full head styling for clients who want curls, waves or flat ironing. We have many different irons to choose from for waving and curling.

Olaplex Deep Conditioning Repair Treatment- $65.

Our patented active chemistry works on a molecular level to repair damaged and broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. You can use OLAPLEX to restore damaged and compromised hair, or add it to another service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance. It strengthens the bonds, improving the health of your hair by stopping breakage, color fading and improving the porosity. If coming in for only this treatment, please note price will be added to a Shampoo/Blowout service.

Olaplex Express- Add to a hair service $20.

This is a 10 minute Express Olaplex deep repair treatment that's done in the shampoo bowl after your hair service for immediate color stabilization, conditioning and repair for stressed out hair.

Brazilian Bond Builder B3 Demi-Permanent Conditioning Treatment- $85.

Great for all hair types! Provides immediate repair and long- lasting conditioning for extremely dry, damaged, or color treated hair. This deep penetrating treatment is shown to help reattach broken bonds and reinforce compromised hair fibers to improve hair's strength and hydration. Lasts up to 8 weeks. If coming in for this treatment only, please note price will be added to a Shampoo/Blowout service.

Express Bang Trim- $20.

Adding bangs or shaping up existing bangs.

Express Face-Framing Front Angle- $35.

Blending and/or adding framing just around the face or to angle and soften around the cheekbones and jawline to reduce heaviness. Perfect for extending and softening any haircut.

Formal Hair Styling- $125. and up

For a specific updo request, please send us a picture of your hair and a picture of the style you want for an e-Consult prior to booking.

Flat Ironing & Curling added to a hair service- $15-30.

If you would like to have your hair smoothed and flat ironed or curled, please let us know when booking so we can add extra time to your service for styling.

NEW! Tinsel Hair Extensions - $5 each

Tinsel Extensions are thin, holographic tinsel strands that create a glittery, sparkly look within your hair. They are hand tied onto a few strands of your natural hair to add bling for fun or special occasions. Available in 12 colors. Lasts until hair sheds out or up to 6-8 weeks, sometimes longer. 


All Color Services include a consultation, conditioning treatment and our Signature Andiamo! Blowout. We use Goldwell Professional European color and specialize in blonde hair and color correction without damage.

Root Retouch and Blowout

With Noelle (Master Stylist) $110.

This is an application of Goldwell permanent color for a root touch up. If you have virgin hair or hair that has faded from previous coloring and need color pulled all the way through to the ends for all-over coverage, add $45. Includes a Signature Andiamo! Blowout.

Add a Color Gloss or Toning to color service- $45.

Great for those that need an all-over color boost due to color fading or for blondes looking to tone to neutralize unwanted brassy tones.

Demi-Permanent Color Glaze and Blowout- $110.

An all-over glaze that adds shine and color, without leaving a line of demarcation when hair grows out. A Demi-permanent glaze can't make hair lighter, but it can enhance your color to change the tone or to go darker, richer, and refresh faded permanent color. Includes a Signature Andiamo! Blowout. 

Partial Foil Highlight and Blowout

With Noelle (Master Stylist) $155. up to $215.

Foils will be placed at the top, crown and sides of your head. Please let us know if your hair is thick or if you want heavy foil highlighting so we can add more time for your service. Incudes a Signature Andiamo! Blowout.

Full Foil Highlight and Blowout

With Noelle (Master Stylist) $185. up to $245.

With a full head highlight, foils will be placed everywhere, including underneath in the nape area, which is great for client's who wear their hair up. Please let us know if your hair is very thick or if you want heavy foil highlighting so we can add more time for your service. Includes a Signature Andiamo! Blowout.

10 Foil Highlights and Blowout

With Noelle (Master Stylist) $125 up to $140

Great for adding highlights wherever needed for brightness or coverage at the crown/part line. Includes a Signature Andiamo! Blowout.

Balayage Highlights and Blowout

With Noelle (Master Stylist) $275. and up

Results are natural, dimensional color. Can be subtle or dramatic. Please send us a photo of your hair and a photo of what your looking to achieve so we can determine the amount of time needed. Includes a Signature Andiamo! Blowout.

Balayage Highlights- Touch up existing Balayage and Blowout

With Noelle (Master Stylist) $225. and up

This is a touch up to refresh grown out Balayage color. If you are a new client, an eConsult is required to book to determine amount of time needed. Please text or email us a photo of your hair and what you're looking to achieve. Includes a Signature Andiamo! Blowout. 

Add a Root Shadow or Root Smudge to a Highlight- $45.

Increases the contrast at the roots for a roots grown-out look known as a "Root Shadow" or to blend the line of a foil highlight for a "Root Smudge" effect.

Express Grey Color Coverage- $55.

This is a semi-permanent rinse that allows for natural, cool ash, grey blending for those who are 10-50% grey. The process takes 10 minutes at the shampoo bowl. It provides a blend of grey, not full grey coverage.

Platinum Blonde Bleach & Tone Root Retouch- $215-375.

For clients who are already Platinum Blonde and need a Bleach Retouch for roots that are 6 weeks or less grown out. Includes a toning color gloss and blow out. For those clients who's hair has grown out 6-12 weeks and have more than an inch of natural roots cost would range from $325-375. for bleach retouch, color gloss toning and blowout. Please contact us for a consultation. Includes a Signature Andiamo! Blowout.


Brazilian Blowout - Our Most Popular, Longest-Lasting Smoothing Treatment!

With Noelle (Master Stylist) $325-475.

Price depends on thickness and texture. Please email or text a photo for pricing. Visit the Brazilian Blowout page for more information and transformation photos. Transform frizzy, unmanageable hair into smooth, shiny locks in about 90 mins. Hair is stronger, drys faster and is sleek and stylish in minutes- not hours. Results guaranteed to last up to 4 months, often up to 6 months. This amazing treatment will change your life!

Noelle, Master Brazilian Blowout stylist and owner/stylist at Andiamo! is the most advanced in New England with over 11 years experience, performing hundreds of Brazilian Blowouts. Photos in gallery are real, achievable results on our clients. Results are seen with just blow drying; no flat ironing required. The treatment must be performed by a qualified, experienced stylist to achieve these results. Andiamo! Salon  is proud to be a Platinum-level Brazilian Blowout Salon.

HAIR STRAIGHTENING WITH THE BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT- With this treatment we can successfully straighten your hair without the use of strong, harsh chemicals found in permanent hair straightening solutions. The Brazilian Blowout is very customizable, so please specify at your appointment if you would like to: Keep your curls and body, but lose the frizz, leave volume at the root, Make your hair as straight and smooth as possible.

Keratin Express - Classic Keratin Treatment- $175-250.

Keratin Treatment for those with some unwanted frizz.

Keratin Express is a hair smoothing treatment that lasts a minimum of 8 weeks. Reduces some frizz and leaves hair softer with more shine. Keratin Express uses an exclusive blend of modified Hydrolyzed Keratin that produce immediate results. Keratin Express is for anyone who wants to help improve their hair's condition and helps seal in their hair color for a longer lasting color. Keratin Express can be done the same time as a haircut or immediately after a color. Please note that this treatment will NOT produce a straightening result and natural body and wave will remain in hair. PLEASE NOTE: Hair must stay dry for 24 hours after treatment.


Brow Tinting Only- $30.

Custom brow color that enhances your eyes and lasts up to 8 weeks. Great coverage for white or gray hairs in eyebrows!

Eyebrow Makeover - Tint and Wax- $55. 

 Freshen up your look with an Eyebrow Makeover! In less than 30 minutes, you'll have a custom color to define your eyes and a wax so brows appear cleaner, shapelier, fuller and naturally lifted. Saves you time with makeup application and frames your eyes. Lasts up to 8 weeks.

Permanent Makeup- 3D Brows- Natural Powdered-look Eyebrow Enhancement - $525. 

Brows are one of the biggest over-looked features that can take years off your appearance. Permanent Makeup has come a long way in recent years and pigments are very natural-looking colors that mimic a brow pencil or brow powder makeup which when implanted into the skin creates a soft powdered-brow look that is waterproof and timeless. Touch-ups are necessary every 1-2 years or as needed to keep color looking fresh. Visit out "Permanent Makeup" page for more information!

Lash Lift & Tint- $120.

In just over an hour, your lashes will be curled and darkened to make your lashes appear longer, darker. Your eyes will look more refreshed, open and awake! Results can last 2 months or until lashes regenerate. Save time by not having to use mascara, lash curlers or lash extensions. Unlike lash extensions that use harsh glue that can damage natural lashes and irritate sensitive eyes, a lash lift is a great alternative to get curly lashes that are safe, gentle and long-lasting.